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Received "Traveller Review Awards 2021"
Our managed facility, "Shinjuku Garden House," has been awarded the "Traveller Review Awards 2021" (sponsored by
The "Traveller Review Awards" are awards on the site sponsored by travelers that offer hospitality to maximize their travel experience and are highly rated by travelers.

Last year was a difficult year for many, and it continues to this day.
We are deeply grateful that we were able to receive such an award thanks to the guests who used our facility even in such a situation.

We will continue to strive to have a wonderful time for our guests.



Property information for sale Kichijoji
We introduce 4 properties from Kichoji today. #3 and #4 are avilable between Spring and Summer 2021.


The street from the station to the park looks similar to Harajuku streets. The town is also known for Ghibli Museum.

The majority of Kichijoji’s commercial and shopping areas are situated around the station. There is a little something to suit just about everyone’s needs.

The north side of the station is centered on two arterial shopping streets. The Sunroad heads northeast and Nakamichi heads northwest.

Beyond the shopping streets, commercial gives way to residential. While all the land is effectively used, it’s not packed. Straight, well planned, flat roads and it’s less central location make for very easy living.
Screening points of 4 properties
a. 15 min walk from Kichijoji station
b. New and Old without big renovation
c. Big Living Dining
d. 2 stories house more than 3LDK
e. Car park
f.  Prefer to have either garden or patio

#1 property has no garden but has a wooden deck in South. 3 min to Inogashira park. The 16J sized living room has the high celling. 12 min from Kichijoji station. The house is 7 years old. It has a car park.

#2 property has 2 car space that you can built a small garden if you want instead of 1 car space. The living room has 16J and 6J of tatami mat place that you can combine into 22J huge living. it is 15 years old building, therefore, you may consider rooftop and wall protection work. 14 min from Kichijoji station.

#3 property hasa  good free space over 20J living room. Excellent line of flow for which connect kithen, bathroom and washing room. Car space, Patio.
JPY98.8MM, Brand New, 4LDK

#4 property priced 79.8MM. It has 13mm water pipe that needs to be replaced to 20mm width. The condition of house is regarded good as it was used only for galary and a wife of owner lived alone. There are big houses in the area which we regard that the neighbors are good. In front, there is some trees. The parking lot costs about 40,000/mo arrond the area. Some parking is open in apartment house nearby (cost is unkown.)  It doesn't request many construction work but depends on how to live. It is possible to create more bed rooms inside. Only concern is water, should additional water supply in some places in the house as there aren't many.


[About suspension of campaign due to state of emergency] GoTo Travel Campaign
Regarding the Go To Travel business, suspension measures have been taken nationwide 

About the handling of nationwide travel accompanying the state of emergency
(1) Handling of new reservations and existing reservations
○ Regardless of new reservations or existing reservations, the application of the campaign will be suspended from January 12th (Tuesday) to February 7th (Sunday) nationwide.

(2) Handling of cancellation
○ (1) Existing reservation (Travel reservation that applies the campaign that was made by 18:00 on January 7 (Thursday))
About, cancellation is possible free of charge from 18:00 on December 14th (Monday) to January 17th (Sunday).
* If the customer has already paid the cancellation fee to us, it can be refunded.

The same content is posted on the GoTo Travel Business website.

≪Contact information≫
Navi dial 0570-002-442
(Click here for IP phones) 03-6636-9457
We also accept inquiries on LINE.
LINE account search ID @goto_travel_line


Resuming entry from all over the world Conditionally from October 1: Prime Minister Suga announced at Corona Countermeasures Headquarters

Prime Minister Suga held a meeting of the New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Control Headquarters held today and announced that he would resume entry from all over the world from October 1st next week, with some conditions.

[Relaxed entry conditions for medium- to long-term residents, excluding tourists]
Prime Minister Suga said, "We will allow new entry from all over the world after imposing certain requirements," and said that this measure will be "implemented from October 1st," excluding tourists next week. We have decided to resume accepting long-term residents.

Until now, the target of immigration easing has been mainly for long-term residents in business, but with this further easing, he expressed his intention to expand the scope to study abroad and family stays.

In addition, Prime Minister Suga also mentioned the expansion of the inspection system, stating that "an average of 200,000 inspections per day will be secured promptly," and emphasized the idea of ​​conducting simultaneous inspections at nursing care facilities.

Image source:

出典: Visiting Lab(

"GoTo" event / shopping street to start in mid-October: "Travel" will be added to Tokyo as planned, from October

On the 25th, the Japanese government held a subcommittee of experts on measures against the new coronavirus, which was the first time that the Kan Cabinet was established.

Therefore, it seems that they have decided to start the "Go To Event" and "Go To Shopping Street" businesses, which are part of the "Go To Campaign" business that supports the industry hit by the new coronavirus, from mid-October. ..

It was also confirmed that the addition of travel to and from Tokyo to the target of the "Go To Travel" business will be added from October 1st as scheduled.

[Assuming thorough infection control/Based on the opinions of experts]
Regarding the government's policy to start the "Go To Event" and "Go To Shopping Street" projects in mid-October, which was discussed at the subcommittee held today, we will thoroughly implement infection control measures recommended by experts. I got the understanding on the premise of that.

Mr. Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, said about the "Go To event" and "Go To shopping street" projects, "Based on the opinions of experts, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will prepare and respond to the start in the middle of next month." Stated.

What is the "Go To Event" business?

The "Go To Event" business is one of the measures to support the event and entertainment industry by stimulating consumption for the industry that was hit by the new coronavirus.

Users of this project can purchase tickets for the target business at a 20% discount, or can obtain coupons or points equivalent to 20% from the ticket purchase price.

The target of "events and entertainment" in this project is "events related to culture, arts and sports".

Music concert
amusement park
traditional culture
Movie theater
Watching a game
Sporting event
New formats such as live delivery without audience
Etc. are assumed to be the target.

What is the "Go To Shopping Street" business?

The "Go To Shopping Street" business is a business that supports events held by the shopping street. In particular

Annual shopping street event
Creation and operation of a portal site for take-out stores in the shopping district
A shopping street sale event that aims to diversify peak hours by distributing local products, etc.
Conducting online events and publicizing them
Delivery campaign for standard menus in the shopping district
Development of promotions that convey the appeal of shopping streets to consumers outside the conventional commercial area
Development of travel products (drinking / eating tours, etc.) that promote experiential consumption in shopping districts, etc. and sales at OTA (Online Travel Agent), etc.
It is a mechanism that subsidizes up to 3 million yen per shopping street (additional 5 million yen when promoting with wide area cooperation).

In addition, when holding an event, it is expected that support such as provision of specialized know-how, support by temporary staffing, and information dissemination will be provided.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has selected a secretariat within this month and hopes to start recruiting shopping districts to participate in this project next month.

Source: Visiting Lab (


About Go To Travel Campaign

Updated October 2, 2020

On July 10th, in 2020, the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced  "Go to Travel Campaign".

It will apply for foeign people who are currently regidents of Japan.

What is a Go To Travel campaign?

The "Go To Travel Campaign" is part of a public project led by the Japan Tourism Agency of MITI, and supports "half price" * for domestic accommodation and day trips for travellers. 

70% of the benefits are offered as travel discounts and 30% are offered as regional coupons that can be used at the destination.

For the first time, we will only offer a 35% discount on all travel expenses (up to 14,000 yen per person per night).

For the latest information, please check the official Go To Travel Business website for travelers.

[Target period]

▪ From staying on July 22, 2020 to staying on January 31, 2021 (check out on February 1) 

[Our current facilities that you can apply for the campaign]

・ Sadie's Home

(Location: 6-47-37 Shukugawara, Tama-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

All plans are eligible.

*for the exact date, please see the updates in Go 

・  Shinjuku Garden House
(Location: 27 Ichigayayanagi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)


[How to use the campaign]

How to use the campaign depends on the reservation method.

  • When making a reservation from the official website

Sadie's Home  Official Website:After your stay, you will need to apply to the "Go To Travel Business Secretariat" between August 14th and September 14th, 2020.

For details, please refer to the following [How to apply for a refund].


  • When making a reservation using each travel site

・ Vacation Stay


→ There is no need to complete the procedure at a later date as a 35% discount will be given at the time of payment at each travel site.
Please check each travel site for details.


Please note that the campaign applies only to pre-payment. Local payment is not applicable, so

Please note.


[How to apply for a refund]

35% of the travel fee will be refunded as support money at a later date.

To get a refund, you need to apply to the "Go To Travel Business Secretariat" between August 14th and September 14th, 2020 after your stay.

  •  Subsequent refund application (Form No. 1)

 ⇒ Please download from the Go To Travel Secretariat official website ( )

(2) Documents that show the payment details (receipts that describe the payment details, etc.)

③ Accommodation certificate (with information such as name, date of stay, number of guests, etc.)

④ Account confirmation (for travelers) (Form No. 2)

 ⇒ Please download from the official website of Go To Travel Secretariat

⑤ Documents that can confirm the account number (copy of passbook, copy of cash card, etc.)

⑥ Documents that can confirm the address (copy of driver's license, copy of health insurance card, etc.)

⑦ In addition to the documents listed in the previous item, the documents designated by the secretariat as necessary documents to confirm the fact of the trip related to the application


[Notes on using the campaign]

・ Those who live in Tokyo are not eligible for the campaign.

We will check the ID of the guest staying at the hotel.

・ There is no limit on the number of times you can use this campaign or for consecutive nights. However, extended stays are not eligible.

・ Only pre-payment is available.

・ Additional services on site are not covered.

・ Pets are not eligible when staying with pets.

・ As a general rule, the guest and the guest who apply for the refund must be the same, but if the applicant for the refund and the guest are different (in the case of gifts, etc.), that fact will be declared when applying for the refund. Is needed.

・ Reservations over the phone are also eligible.


[About infection prevention measures at this facility]

This facility operates in accordance with the corona infection control guidelines of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japan Minpaku Association.

We are strengthening our efforts to provide a highly hygienic environment, such as customer service that ensures a social distance and cleanliness of the building.


We are ready to spend your time with peace of mind and look forward to your use.


■ Inquiries

Smile Home Co., Ltd.



■ For inquiries regarding the Go To Travel business, please contact the Go To Travel Secretariat Call Center below.


TEL [1] : 0570-002442 (Reception hours: 10:00 to 19:00 * Open all year round)

TEL [2] : 03-3548-0520 (Reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan Tourism Agency "Go To Travel Business Related Information"


With the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection Notice of temporary closure

Thank you for your continued patronage of our facility.
Our facility will be closed during the following period in response to a request to refrain from spreading coronavirus infection due to the extension of the emergency measures period in Tokyo.

[Business self-restraint period]

April 11th-May 07th, 2020

[Target facilities]

1: Shinjuku Garden House
(Location: 27 Ichigayayanagi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

2: Sadie's Home
(Location: 6-47-37 Shukugawara, Tama-ku, Kawasaki)

* We are planning to restart from June 1, but the period may be extended depending on the situation.
Please note.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Smile Home Inc.


Notice of temporary closure due to prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection

Thank you for your continued patronage of our facility.
Our facility will be closed during the following period in response to a request to refrain from spreading coronavirus infection due to the extension of the emergency measures period in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures.

[Business self-restraint period]

May 07-May 31, 2020

[Target facilities]

1: Shinjuku Garden House
(Location: 27, Ichigayayanagi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

2: Sadie's Home
(Location: 6-47-37 Shukugawara, Tama-ku, Kawasaki)

* We are planning to restart from June 1, but the period may be extended depending on the situation.
Please note.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Smile Home Inc.


Published in "HOTEL WORK TOKYO"

We are pleased to inform you that our "Shinjuku Garden House" has been published in "HOTEL WORK TOKYO" operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

On June 11, this year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government opened a matching site that connects companies looking for a telework environment and accommodation companies that provide places as a support project for expanding the use of accommodation facilities to promote telework.



■ Website overview

Introducing accommodations in Tokyo where you can telework by area
About 350 facilities are listed at the time of publication
Inquiries and applications can be made directly to the accommodation facility from the website.
■ Posted information

Publication facility: Shinjuku Garden House
Location: 27 Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
[Telework support plan] Reference fee
1,000 yen / 1h 5,000 yen / all day (up to 7 hours, extension possible)
■ Inquiries
Smile Home Inc.


100JPY 100 円
(The monthly rent is calculated by the fixed rate of $1=JPY100)